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ChiRunning ®

We offer ChiRunning workshops, and personalized instruction, all you need to learn the basics of ChiRunning and to improve your technique. For a listing of our upcoming workshops see schedule.
We also offer group instruction as well as workshops outside of Montreal, please contact us if you want us to organize a workshop in your area.

ChiRunning Workshops

Workshops are held in two formats 2 - 2 hour sessions or 1 half day workshop, the content is the same. The workshop covers the complete ChiRunning Technique and includes.

- Introduction to ChiRunning.
- Injury prevention techniques.
- Form drills and exercises.
- Core muscle drills and exercises.
- Using the upper and lower body.
- How to conserve energy at any speed
- How to run uphill and downhill safely and efficiently.
- Pre run body loosoners and post run stretches.
- Hand out of all material covered in the workshop.

ChiRunning Focused workshops

Focused workshops are for runners who have an understanding of the Chirunning technique and wish to improve. Focused workshops last 2 hours. We offer three types of focused workshops.
- The basics. With focus on posture, lean, heel lift and the use of the upper body.
- Hill Running With focus on hill running, both gradual and steep hills.
- A la Carte Find three friends and we will customize a focused workshop for you.

Personalized ChiRunning Instruction and Coaching

We offer personal ChiRunning instruction, we can customize an instruction programme for you, in addition we offer coaching and will work with you to develop a personalized running programme.


Running workshops - $125.
Focused workshops - $ 60

Personalized running instruction and coaching please contact us for details.

Join us for a Run

Join us for a run on Mount Royal, get a taste of ChiRunning and meet other enthusiasts. We will start with a brief introduction to ChiRunning, followed by body looseners and then off for an easy run. This introduction and run will take abour an hour and are held at Beaver Lake on Mount Royal once a month if the weather is bad we use the pavilion, for details visit schedule. All are welcome no charge.

Feedback From Workshops

I took a one-on-one workshop with you at the beginning of last summer after having read Chirunning. I ran all summer, 2 or 3 times a week and was injury-free for the first time in my life (which for me means no sore left knee and no shin splints!). I was thrilled with my consistency and progress over the summer. L B Montreal

Thank you so much for the fantastic workshop yesterday!! I felt like we learned so much and it really puts all of the concepts from the book into context which really helps.
...... my toes were not happy with the way I used to run. Now they are much happier after a run since I am using the mid foot strike and my toes are thanking me for it CB Ottawa

You folks have helped me with my run IMMENSELY. I am doing 30 plus kms cummutively on a weekly basis since our last workshop 2 months ago. I have experienced no pain, soreness etc... My longest run so far has been 24 km I am going to be well prepared for my first marathon...... I am really understanding the essence of ChiRunning. Thank you again V T B GTA

Got my personal best in the Half Marathon yesterday. By 5 minutes. Thank you. K S Ottawa.

Register for Workshops

Please register in advance for workshops as space is limited. Contact John, email Phone 514-487-4359

Video Analysis

Something new. Video analysis can be a powerfull tool in helping to develop a sound ChiRunning technique it can show the difference between how your technique feels to you and what it looks like. We have teamed up with Upmygame to bring you a Video analysis programme. You can upload a video on to the Upmygame site and we can comment on it. Check it out below. If you want an analysis of your form please contact John at 514-487-4359

Link to Upmygame for Video Analysis

ChiWalking ®

ChiWalking is a mindful approach to walking that focuses on body alignment, strengthening the core muscles and leading with the upper body when walking.

The five mindful steps of ChiWalking will help you get into great shape.

- Get aligned - Develop good posture and better balance.
- Engage your core - Make back and knee pain disappear.
- Create balance - Walk faster and further with less effort.
- Make a choice - Create healthy habits.
- Move forward - Make walking a mindful enjoyable experience.

We offer ChiWalking workshops, and personalized training, all you need to learn the basics of ChiWalking and to improve your technique.

We also offer group instruction as well as workshops outside of Montreal please contact us for details

ChiWalking Workshops

Workshops cover the basic ChiWalking technique and last for 2 hours. The main components covered are

- Introduction to the ChiWalking method.
- Injury-prevention techniques.
- Core muscle drills and exercises.
- Using the upper body and lower body.
- Innovative technique drills.
- Walking uphill and downhill.

Personalized ChiWalking® Instruction and Coaching

We offer personal ChiWalking instruction we can customize an instruction programme for you, in addition we offer coaching and will work with you to develop a personalized walking programme.


Walking workshops - $60
-Prices for workshops may vary slightly according to venue
For personalized ChiWalking instruction please contact us.

Personal Training

Hyongok provides personal training services she is a certified personal trainer with a holistic approach to fitness that recognizes both the physical and nonphysical aspects of fitness. Her goals for her clients when training them are, that they feel more in control of their bodies, can exercise without injury and experience that all important "feel good sensation. Hyongok's approach to training focuses on three key elements: Functionality, core strenght and postural alignment. Her approach is based on a deep understanding of the workings of the body gained through an intensive practice of Ashtanga and Anasura yoga Chi running and walking and an extremly active lifestyle.

Please contact us for further details

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