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Hyongok Cho Kent and John Kent and we're still running.

We're committed to injury free and energy efficient movement and bring what we have learned to our clients whether they are contemplating a walking programme or have years of running experience. We would like to share the benefits of our experience with you.

We are based in Montreal and offer ChiRunning and ChiWalking workshops and personaliled instruction in and around Montreal. Our venues vary, but most outdoor workshops are held in beautiful Mount Royal Park.

We also deliver ChiRunning and Chiwalking workshops and personalized instruction in Eastern Canada with regularly schedule events in Toronto and Ottawa. We can also organize a workshop for you in your area, please contact us for details.


Thumbnail of Hyongok Cho Hyongok is a certified Master Chi Running/Walking instructor as well as certified personal trainer. Hyongok believes in a holistic approach to fitness that recognizes the relationship between the body and the mind and the ongoing dialogue between the two, her philosophy is based on a sound understanding of the body gained through an intensive practice of Ashtanga and Anasura yoga, Chi Running and walking and an extremely active lifestyle. Hyongok has completed several half marathons and marathons.

John is a certified Senior Chi Running/Walking instructor. John is a life long recreational runner with the occasional venture into competition at distances from 5 K to the marathon including Boston. He leads an active lifestyle, in addition to running he enjoys meditation, walking, cycling, yoga and cross country skiing.

Our Objective

To bring injury free and energy efficient running and walking to all, from the serious runner to those contemplating a walking programme.

Our Technique - ChiRunning ChiWalking

We teach and practice the Chi Running/Walking techniques developed by Danny Dreyer.

The techniques take the principles of Tai Chi the Chinese martial art and apply them to the activities of running and walking with the objectives of injury free and energy efficient running and walking.

For years Hyongok ran regularly, but suffered from discomfort during and after running as well as injuries, Danny's book ChiRunning changed that, by applying the technique described in the book the discomfort and injuries were eliminated and running became a real joy. We would like to share the joy with you.

We were both trained by Danny and Master Instructor Chris Griffin, in addition we continue to study with them twice a year.

For further details of the Chi Running/Walking technique visit

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Hyongok and John demonstrate Yoga poses for runners.

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